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Retail & Sizing

  • Sizing varies between styles. Check out our "Size Guide” with detailed product measurements on each product page. Additional fit information is included in the product description and details.

    If you have any sizing or fit questions, please reach out to us at style@buckmason.com and one of our stylists will assist you.
  • Yes, all jeans and pants purchased in stores at full price are eligible for our free hemming services and can be picked up in stores within 5 business days. Please note that our complimentary services do not include tapering or cinching - only hemming. Jeans and pants purchased online are not eligible to be mailed in for hemming, but you are more than welcome to visit your nearest Buck Mason physical store to drop off your pants for measurements and hemming.
  • We have three denim fits: Maverick Slim, Ford Standard, and the Full-Saddle. Our Maverick Slim is straight through the thigh and tapers at the knee. Our Ford Standard has more room in the thigh and stays straight through the calf. Our Full-Saddle is a true straight leg; a high rise and open through the hips and legs. Email us at style@buckmason.com to speak with one of our stylists for more clarification.
  • Pima and Slub are the most similar, both being made of 100% cotton. A Slub is a build up of cotton along the fabric, resulting in the tiny horizontal stripes that you will notice throughout our slub fabric. There’s a nice texture when it comes to slub fabrics that you can really feel. The thickness and loosely knitted nature of slub tee subtly varies throughout the shirt, allowing it to really drape over your body when you put it on.

    Alternatively, there's Pima. Pima tees are more of a modern type of manufactured cotton. Pima tees have essentially eliminated slubs from appearing on the fabric. Instead of texture, you get a smooth hand feel. The fabric is wound tighter and more evenly compared to slubs, so these garments will hang off your body. Also, it's worth a mention that the colors available for Pima tees are arguably a bit more saturated than our Slub tees.

Other FAQs

  • We are committed to high quality and good fit, 365 days a year. If you’ve found a coupon code online, chances are it is not an official Buck Mason coupon code. We will not honor any coupons that are not official or approved by Buck Mason.
  • Final sale items are not eligible for price adjustments.
  • Here at Buck Mason, we are constantly working to improve on the quality of our products. This means questioning, testing and refining our process time and again so that we can provide our customers with garments that last for the long haul. At times, this means producing garments locally within the US, while other times, it means finding best-in-class partners across the world. The decision to produce some of our products overseas was made so that we can deliver the highest quality garment that customers expect of Buck Mason.
  • For press inquiries please contact media@buckmason.com.
  • We have a curated set of affiliate partners and are always looking to consider new additions to our network. Read more about our affiliates program here.
  • Our products are only available on buckmason.com and our stores. However, we do accept bulk orders on a case by case basis. Email us at help@buckmason.com.
  • All of our active roles are posted on our Careers page. Please submit all job applications directly through the Careers page to make sure your application gets to the right person.