Quality is Everything

It all started with one goal: to create the perfect tee.

Before our flagship Slub Curved Hem Tee hit the market, we spent years developing our own custom yarns and fabrics, experimenting with fits, and learning the ins and outs of construction. Quality—rather than efficiency—has always dictated our pace, and we vet not only finished garments but also their raw components to ensure top-to-bottom consistency from seed to store.

From Farm to Yarn

We learned early on that you can't make quality tees without quality cotton.

Cotton is by far the world's most commonly used fiber, but quality from region to region and farm to farm is anything but consistent. We're deliberate about forging partnerships with farms that meet our exacting standards, including those in California and throughout the American South that provide the premium cotton used in our Pima and Slub tees.

Out for a Spin

Quality cotton is crucial, but it's only the first step in making our custom fabrics from scratch.

The way a fabric looks and feels comes down to the fibers it's made with, how the yarns are spun, and how the textile is knit. Whether we're making our special slub yarn or our gauzy pima jersey, we partner exclusively with spinning and knitting operations with the expertise required to use the top-quality cotton we source to its full potential.

Cut, Sewn, Sold, Worn

Proximity to product—and people—has always been central to our business.

When we first started making tees, if we needed to review samples or talk construction with the men and women who sit behind the sewing machines, we'd hop in the truck and get it done. To this day, we're committed to building and sustaining a close-knit community that shares our passion for timeless, quality products, whether it's on the factory floor or the sales floor.