It's A Long Road

Wear it in, pass it down, leave your mark. Invest in forever.

It's easy to get caught up in nostalgia, but we believe there are lessons to be learned from history. Success and failure teach us the underlying principles of our field and provide a more informed perspective. 

Quality is the result of expertise. There are no shortcuts – you have to get your hands dirty. The more a concept is tinkered with, approached from different angles, the more it can be understood and improved. Revisited, revised, and refined.

Craftsmanship is a journey. Sharpening the knife and continually honing the craft. We do this to remind us what matters. It isn’t the clothes, it’s the experience.

To illustrate these principles, we looked to a few of our time-tested favorites, documenting their wear over time. A reflection of our commitment to designing clothes for the life we want to live.

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11.7.23 Union Ave and Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY

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11.19.23 Lafayette and Canal Street, New York, NY