Vintage Dyed Cotton Cable Crew Sweater

Mid-weight, breathable cotton sweater that's washed and dyed for total softness.More
Vintage Coal
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  • Model: Model is 6' 1, weighs 175 lbs and wears a Medium
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Care: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Origin: Import. Learn more.
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A vintage-inspired mid-weight cotton cable-knit sweater. This style hugs the body and fits looser up top towards the shoulders with a generous neckline. It’s 100% washed cotton, so it strikes a balance of warmth and breathable. The cotton has been pre-washed and dyed for exceptional softness, and there’s a chunky ribbing at the hem and and cuff so the sweater keeps it’s shape year after year.

Buck Mason - Vintage Coal Vintage Dyed Cotton Cable Crew Sweater
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