Peter Doig Go West Young Man

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This small but excellent collection of early drawings, collages and paintings by Peter Doig, most of which have never been published before, by and large documents Doig's journey through the United States, at the age of 23, in the summer of 1982. Motifs include westerns, road movies and the urban metropolis.

Peter Doig is a contemporary Scottish artist, celebrated as one of the most important representational painters working today. By forming powerful and affecting snapshots of contemporary existence, Doig’s works are both diaristic and universally relevant. Born in 1959 in Edinburgh, his family relocated to Trinidad in 1962 and later to Canada in 1966. Doig moved to London in 1979 where he studied at the Wimbledon School of Art and later received his MA from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1990.

Foundations for the Modern American Wardrobe that we know you’ll dig.