Robert Frank In America

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This book, based on the important Robert Frank collection at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, is the first to focus on the cinematic, grainy black and white photographs Frank captured while road tripping through mid-1950s America. Its careful sequence of 131 plates integrates 22 photographs from Frank’s 1959 masterwork, The Americans, with more than 100 unknown or unfamiliar images. Peter Galassi's text presents a thorough reconsideration of Frank's first photographic period and examines in detail how he used the full range of photography's vital 35mm vocabulary to reclaim the medium's artistic tradition from the hegemony of the magazines.

“That crazy feeling in America,” Jack Kerouac wrote of Frank, “when the sun is hot and music comes out of the jukebox or from a nearby funeral, that’s what Robert Frank has captured in tremendous photographs taken as he traveled on the road around practically forty-eight states in an old used car (on Guggenheim Fellowship) and with agility, mystery, genius, sadness, and strange secrecy of a shadow photographed scenes that have never been seen before on film.”

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